Ability Struggle: Edit

An Ability Struggle is when two Samurais of the same abilities fire at each other and they collide. This is used alot in war, though the partiscpates are always killed of this struggle. Those who are of the same clans can not be killed but a simple matter of an Ability Struggle. Though this has been proven differently as during trainning at the dojo a number of unnamed instructors and students have been badly burnt due to this. So far in the series: Hihaku and Oto are the only ones to have this happen.

Effects: Edit

The effect of Ability Struggle can mean certain death or certain injuries. Though like it is stated above: this instance has been used once in the series. Oto vs. Hihaku. Clearly, the most exprienced one would win this. But the effects are as followed:

  • Death: either one or both participates.
  • Severly burning of the hand or fingers.
  • breaking fingers or hand.
  • Paralysis

Known Instances: Edit

There is one known instance of this ability and that was: Oto vs. Hihaku. This does rarely happen as this is not a struggle people won't to get into to. But if into one: the person must fight their way by advancing more of the struggling ability then the opponent.

Behind Closed Doors: Edit

  • It's seen in Epsiode 003, that Oto is just as good as Hihaku. It's possible to say that Akuma has trained him in this way of battle.
  • This is similar to Priori Incantatem, in which two power source or wands, duel.