Akuma Samastu

(Samastu Akuma)


405 (Appears 35, Immortal)


Janurary 1, 395 AD


Oto Samastu (Son)


Samurai (Advanced Grand Master)






209 lbs.


Chokuto, 6 Katanas

Cause of Death:

No information

Early Life: Edit

Akuma Samastu was born Janurary 1, 395AD. Not much is known of his early life, except that he murdered his parents in an attempt to gain the legendary philosopher's stone. If he really got it is unknown but dodging on his lifespan, he most likely recievied it.

Dojo Days: Edit

Akuma's couldn't attend the dojo because it was still being built by the time it was finished, he was 46 years old.

Immortality: Edit

Around 430AD, he started to study more and more into the Philosopher's stone and create elxirs. This caused him to become somewhat insane and lose control of his temper on the stupidest problems. He also lost most of his features e.g. his hair, his eyes turned blood red. Then on a stromy night: He finally created a elixr that would grant him immortality. He was also granted the ablility to heal when pointing his finger at a wond or touching it[all by his mind that is.] Over time he participated in wars and saw everything that happen from 395AD to the start of the series(800AD). But the immortaility also regrew his hair for him. From dark reddish brown to long sliver hair.

Series 1: Edit

Oto Arc(Season 1): Edit

Akuma makes his debut after the failed coup against Hihaku. He is seen scolding his son; through a Kabuto(Samurai) Helmet. He yells at his son that failing is not an option and that Hihaku must be killed in order for him to achieve etarnal life again and stop his body from dying. Hense his Hair growing longer and turning grey and losing his sight. (Which did not completely cause his blindness but he is close to it) Also his fragile way of walking. He also states that once Hihaku dies or is killed: The Night of the New Moon will rejuvinate his body and restore him to his 35 year old self.

A wife and child and murder: Edit

Then in the year 780AD, he met an unnamed spouce.One year later, he married and six years later: Oto was born. Then when Oto was four, Akuma murdered his[Akuma's] wife. Seeing this turned his own son into a loonitic.

Appearance: Edit

Akuma is wearing black armour and has a black cape with; in the middle of it, on the back is the symbol of the Samatsus. he has a black Kabuto Helmet. And he has a mouth guard. and 6 katanas three on each side. He technically wears only the boots of the Furui Uniform.

Trivia: Edit

  • Akuma is the reason for Oto's insanity.
  • It's possible to speculate that Akuma is dying and is near death. Since, he would have tried to killed Hihaku but sent his only son.
  • Oto's Unnamed Mother was killed when Oto was four and Akuma was in his 390s.
  • Akuma is the longest living character in the series next to Hihaku.
  • Akuma is the lader of Furui Kokuzuko. And Oto is, if Akuam dies, second in command.