Clan Tattoo[s]

Worn by:

Every Samurai


Left[Male], Right[female]

Type of Ink:


Clan Tattoo: Edit

The clan tattoo is a way for stragers to distiquish what clan the wearer is from. It is aplied to the right arm if the wearer is a female or left arm if the wearer is male. If covered up by, like, a gi or other types of clothing than a symbol of that clan is on the back of it.

Betarying a Clan: Edit

When a samurai leaves a clan, they must put an X threw there Clan Tattoo with the same kind of ink that the tattoo is made out of. And this is a disrespectful honor to the people of his or her clan.

Reasons for leaving clan: Edit

There are many reasons for someone to leaving thier clan and join a Yakuza like Furui Kokuzoku. Below is a list of how one can leave thier clan for a criminal orginisation:

  • Killing a family member.
  • Killing a poilitcal leader.
  • Thief
  • Being rejected by Clan

Clan Tattoo: Edit

Yamakazi: A Flame
Samastu: A Lightning Bolt
Sukkiri: Wind

Joumae[Clan]: Rock