Clan Traitor

Worn by:

Traitors of their Clans

Mark on Tattoo:

Black X



Clan Traitors: Edit

A Clan Traitor is someone who leaves their clan due to an unknown crime. They will either leave their clans and join an evil orgination or rome the planet forever in hopes of forgiveness from their clan[which would never come].

Giving up The Clan Tattoo: Edit

By getting the same kind of ink the Clan Tattoo is drawn out of; the person can take some of the ink and draw a huge X on top of it. This will result in the never returning to ones, repectful, village nor clan. Thus, should they ever return, they will be killed on the spot.

Known Crimes Leading to Erasing Oneself from Clan: Edit

  • Akuma: Killing his wife.
  • Oto: Watching his father kill his mother.