Furui Kokuzoku is an evil organization created for the soul purpose of re-imaging the planet to the master's liken.

History: Edit

Furui Kokuzoku was created circa 450 AD by Akuma Samastu. He envisioned the planet in his own veiws. And that was: Only having the Samastu's a the dominet clan and all other clans will obey or they will be eliminated. Many members of diffrent clans [that left due to a unknown reason or unknown crime] have come and died. But over the cource of history: Akuma has obtained eternal youth. He married and had a son. That son was: Oto Samatsu; the insanities person on the face of the earth. Akuma wants the earth to be ruled by him and only him. Most members tend not to speck his name out loud nor do the defy him. The know.... of his wisdom and murderous streaks. Also, Furui Kokuzoku has two common enemies: Hihaku Sukkiri and Yul Yamakazi which under Akuma's philosophy: One of these samurais will end up killing him but which one is unclear to him. Some believe that the disbanded circa 560 AD - 600 AD but they just settled down and started to devise a plan. What that plan is, is currently unknown.

Known Members: Edit

Akuma Samastu(Leader, Founder, Father of Oto)

Oto Samatsu (Born into Furui Kokuzoku, later went in the Samrai Dojo as an agent for FK, then commited countless murders through out Japan, son of Akuma)

Kumori Sukkiri (Hihaku's brother, left Sukkiri clan at age 68, 756AD, became a member of Furui soon after and died impersoniating Joumae, Deceased)

Unnamed Member (This member's name is unknown but he died with a dagger in his back. What he needed to tell Akuma is also unknown as that died with him, Deceased)

Wolfbane (Can track anybody down with even the smallest scent sample. And can kill his oppnonets every skillfully and easily.)

Trivia: Edit

  • Oto is the first member to debut.
  • Furui Kokuzoku means: Ancient Traitors
  • The FK has been around since before Hihaku's birth.