Hanagata Kusbana

(Kusbana Hanagata)




circa 396AD


circa 472AD


Headmistress of Samurai Dojo; founder of Samurai Dojo




apporx. 5'6" - 5'8"


Unknown (apporx. 156 lbs.)

Cause of Death:

Old Age

History: Edit

Hanagata Kusbana was born circa 396AD. And she was the founder and first headmistress of the Samurai Dojo. Not much is known about her Early life axcept that she was a samurai.

Founding of a School for Samurais: Edit

In circa 441, a school for samurai children was completed. She then was appointed the first Headmistess. This gave her a chance to teach young children who intend to protect their village or just want to follow in thier fathers footsteps and become a samurai. She was the only one teaching an entire school[apporx. 20-40 students at the time]. Id disiplite was needed: she simply took them into her office and they stayed thier and she talked to that person. And help him or her who did bad and do good.

Increasing Popularity: Edit

Over the corce of the 5th Century, Kusbana and her dojo became very famous through out Japan. Even children from other villages attended. And over time, Kusbana was made one of the most infulecal person ever. Instructors from other dojos, joined the dojo. The instructors learned from Kusbana and it was the most proposerus dojo in the world.

Death and Burial: Edit

Hanagata Kusbana died of Old Age at the age of 76. She died while teaching a class. She was buried near the etrance of the Dojo. Her headstone reads: "Kusbana Hanagata, 396AD - 472AD, Founder of a School for Samurais." The news of her death struct the entire world and the dojo was closed for two/three weeks. Her successor was choosen but what he or she did is unknown.

Trivia: Edit

  • Hanagata means: Flowers and Kusbana means: Flowerish.
  • She only served as headmistress for 31 years
  • She never lived in the Village, snice it wasn't founded yet.
  • Where she lived during the off season i.e. Christmas, New Years, is unknown.