Hikestu Joumae

(Joumae Hikestu)


29(season 1)


November 4, 771 AD


No information


Samurai (Instructor, Advanced)


Earth, 4 Katanas




68.2kg (150)


5' 7"

Cause of Death:

No information

Military Days: Edit

Hiketsu Joumae was born on November 4, 771AD. During his time at the acedemy: the instructors thought of him as a genius; such a genius, he was more smarter than Hihaku or Kumori. When he discovered his ability to manipluate the earth around him and use it to his adventage, he joined the ranks of the military or Military Buzoku at age 15. He was a vidal member took the wars seriously. And when everyone else was dying in battle, he was infortrating the enemy's fortress. This caused him to trip an alarm, and enemies were pouring out of every door to kill the intrudder. But Joumae caused an indoor avelanche to kill the enemy samurais. After the war[which is unnamed at this point], he was hailed a hero and he retired from the miliarty at age 24.

Samurai Sensei Edit

Joumae asked for a job at the samurai dojo and Hihaku gladly said yes. From that day on, he was now an instructor.

Kumori's Impresonation: Edit

During a rutain mission; issued by Hihaku, Kumori; Hihaku's younger brother, ambushed Joumae and knocked him out. He assumed his form and interacted in the events of the Betaryal Ark: Episode 01 thorugh 02.

Death and Return: Edit

Joumae(Kumori) was killed by Oto Samatsu. Oto, not realizing it was one of his own, finishes him off. It was not until chapter 03, that he realized that he had killed someone from the Furui Kokuzoku. It was not until Joumae explained that it was Kumori that Oto killed. Enraged, Oto attacked a well armed Joumae and he [Joumae] crippled Oto's left hand. Oto than escaped into the village and attacked the Yamakazi residence.

Behind Closed Doors: Edit

  • Joumae means lock and Hiketsu means key.
  • He was originally gonna have a younger brother but Hamachi dropped the idea.
  • Joumae is the first person to fake is own death without realizing it.
  • His ability is Earth and manipulating it to his advantage is taking from Avatar the Last Airbender character: Toph Bei Fong.
  • He uses the same gaulet as aang uses against azula when fighting on the drill , but Joumae allows the rocks to be collected on both hands and he can keep them there as long as he wishes.
  • Joumae concirders Yul a younger brother. It is unknown if Yul knows this or not.