The Human Nature Ablitiy is an unique and rare ablitiy that allows the user to fuse with a tree or the ground and trael through the roots of that tree. Or in ground's case: travel through the ground itself. It's unknown when it was devolped or you created it but it takes many years, about 10 to, possibly 40 years to master. And the only known user of it is Hihaku Sukkiri(Sukkiri Hihaku). And he uses it to travel around the forest faster and avoid many obsticles; which is no problem for him to adviod if he didn't use this ablitiy. Also, the user can take up to one person with them through a tree or the ground.

Useage: Edit

The useage of this can prove fatal. Unless your a grand master or an advanced master fo the elements. At which the user is not: The user can use up to much of his or her chi or energy and die. Or pssobliy comatosed. But if the user works hard enough: This can get u out of any difficult situation.

Trivia: Edit

  • Hihaku is the only known user of this Ablitiy but its possible that Akuma knows it to.
  • Oto seems confused about this Ability, its possible that Akuma doesn't want his son using this Abitily just yet, as he is too young. He is possibly waiting for him to grow into an adult and then teach it to him.