Kajou Hiroimono

First Takusama (Sho Takusama)


59 (Deceased)


The Second Takusama (Younger Brother, Deceased), The Fifth Takusama (Unknown Relationship)










156 lbs.

Cause of Death:

War of 713AD

Background: Edit

Kajou Hiroimono was born sometime in the year 675AD. During the time he was alive, he was revered as the most skilled samurai of his time. At a young age, he was able to control his Ability and swordsmanship. His ability was able to control Water[next to Fire Ability, that is the hardess of all]. When his brother was born: he took up the mantle of training him all he knew. As he grew older, he and his brother founded the village now known as Takusan Bokuzoku Village. He then became the First Takusama. Following his brother who became the Vice Takusama.

War of 713AD: Edit

When the War of 713AD broke out, he was at a touph deicecion. His brother offered to go to war but he said "no!" So he waited twenty - some years for unknown reasons and then tired of waiting for it to end, Kajou went to the battlefield.

Encountering Yuujimaru, Death and Burial: Edit

Sometime in Winter, Kajou was entering enemy areas and then Yuujimaru stopped hm his tracks. Villagers who survived the war stated that it was Yuujimaru who threw the first punch and Kajou dodged it and gut punched him. Though it should be noted that Yuujimaru was heavily armoured and whould have been not have been punched so easily. Before the next punch was made, Yuujimaru remembers his fight ontop the Takusama Residence's Bacalony: He still wanted the unknown item that was essenital for his unnamed master. Kajou refused to give him such an item and he was killed on the spot. And Yuujimaru disappeared. He was stabbed by a poision covered sword. Detaka took the mantle of Takusama. His death was shokcing to all and everyone in the village to pay respects to thier fallen Leader. It's unknown what cemeritary he was buried at but it can be speculated that he was burialed undernieth the Takusama Residence. Though there is no proof of this.

Behind Closed Doors: Edit

  • During his confertation with Yuujimaru, Kajou played Dumb as to what the item was and because of a dumbwitted move he was killed.
  • Mitsugi was his brother's assistant until he left due to a family matter.
  • Kajou's bloodline runs with the Yamakazis. This is said that an Unknown Hiroimono Female married an Unknown Yamakazi Male and thus Kajou's bloodline runs into the Yamakazis. And making Yul royalty. He is currently unaware of this contencion.