89(Appears between: 56 - 59, Season 2)


Summer of 713AD


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Legendary Samurai






203 lbs.

Cause of Death

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Dojo Days: Edit

Mitsugi was born during the summer of 713AD. He was very awful at the ways fo the Samurai and needed constant guidience. Though he accidently broke his left arm and nearly ruptioned his lungs when he attempted a fusion of Clone Earth and Fire Ability. Sadly, it exploded in his face. It took him over fourteen years to try and graduate from the dojo.

Yuujimaru: Edit

After graduating from the dojo, he had a strange sendation that something bad was about to happen. Then BOOOM! somebody flew from the balacont of the Takusama Residence. It was Kajou. He was being attacked by an unknown assulent. Mitsugi soon realized it was Yuujimaru; its unknown how he knows his name. He accompanied Kajou and aided him with the help of Kajou's brother: Detaka. A three fighters were overwhelmed by Yuujimaru's power. And MItsugi realized that he was a member of Furui Kokuzoku. Dekata and Kajou were badly injurded from the battle and were unable to continue there fihgt. But that doesn't mean Mitsugi got badly injurded. He was a on presuite through the entire village. And he soon cornored him in an ally way that had no outlet. Mitsugi used his massive strength to destroy the around around them and he advanced on pounding the crap out of Yuuji. But Yuujimaru discovered what he was about to do and he disappeared in a puff of Sand. Leaving Mitsugi to return to Lord First & Vice Second. It's unknown what he did from this point on.

Hunt for Yuujimaru Arc(Season 2) Edit

Has yet to be written.

Appeareance: Edit

Mitsugi is in good shape to be 89 years of age. He has silver hair and a mustache that is on both sides of his face; under his nose. He also has a short silver goatie. He wears a navy blue flask jacket and a black shirt undernieth. He also wears black pants, socks and brown sandels. He has two katanas on his back; in an X shape. He also has plates around his arms and legs. And back on his hands.

Personality: Edit

Has yet to make a cameo.

Behind Closed Doors: Edit

  • Mitsugi means Tribute.
  • He was born during the year of 713AD. And lived through all Five Takusamas.
  • It's said by many villagers that he has abtained Immortaily. If this is true or not is unknown.
  • He partisipated in the War of 713AD and witnessed the imminate death of Kajou, why he didn't help prefent his death is unknown.