Samurai Dojo


circa 441AD

History: Edit

The Samurai Dojo was built for the sole reason of having young, soon-to-be samurais attend and learn how to control thier abilities and/or swordsmenship. The dojo was founded by a young and famous samurai: Hanagata Kusbana. The dojo was finished circa 441AD and it was built deep in the woods. Hanagata became the first headmaster of the dojo and encouraged children around the village to come and attend. The child and parents were dilighted to know that there was a place that can teach them hornorable ways of the sword and controling thier abilities.

Teachings: Edit

The teachings of Kusbana Sensei brought about a new era of the ways of the samurais. Though wars broke out, they were quickly ended by the [unnamed(the Yul resides in)] village's samurais.

Successor: Edit

Kusbana has also started the trend of picking a successor. Kusbana's successor is unknown but whoever it was, really reshaped the place.

Out-terior: Edit

The outside of the dojo is:

  1. a training court.
  2. a huge pound: full of huge orange and white coy fish.
  3. an Archers shed.
  4. registration desk[reshaped]
  5. artifacts surrounding every inch of the circumfrence of the outside.

In-terior: Edit

The interior of it is:

  1. A huge square area that has five hallways leading to: The headmasters office, four classrooms and finally a wall to get to the dorms.
  2. Staris leading to dorms
  3. Dorms, one girls, one boys.
  4. Gallery of Past Headmasters.
  5. another stairway leading to the highest tower of the dojo. Yet its unknown whats in it.

Trivia: Edit

  • This dojo is hidden by massive amounts of Earth, Air, Water Abilities.
  • When a headmaster dies and a successor is not picked, than the dojo closes for the duration of the period until a new headmaster is picked.
  • Hihaku will be the first longest living headmaster ever to grace the dojo.
  • The students chose to stay at home and come back to the school[like a traditional school] or stay in the dorms. Though its unknown what Yul yamakazi decided upon arriving at the school.