The Takusama is the current ruler of Takusan Bokuzoku Village. The current ruler must rule for as long as he or she lives or until he or she steps down.

Takusama Edit

First Takusama - Edit

He founded the village of many clans over one hundred years ago. Not much is known about him. Ruled: 700AD through 734AD

Second Takusama - Edit

He is the brother of the First Takusama. And he was famous for his intellegesis and skills. Ruled: 734AD through 765AD

Third Takusama - Edit

Unlike the other to Takusamas, The Third is famous for her beauty and reknown ways of handling war and peace. She was also skilled in close combat. Ruled: 765AD - 789AD

Fourth Takusama - Edit

This Takusama only ruled for three years and that's due to the birth of his unnamed child. Not much is known about him though. Ruled: 789AD - 792AD

Fifth Takusama - Edit

The Fifth Takusama is a well known samurai who exels in close combat and far range attacks. Ruled: 792AD - Current