Takusan Bokuzoku Village is the village that the main character reide in. (This is subject to change as events take place)

The Founding: Edit

One hundred Years prior to the start of the series, Kajou Hiroimono and his brother: Dekata Hiroimono founded Takusan Bokuzoku Village. There were many ancestors of the residence like: The Samatsus, Yamakazis, Kooris, Sukkiris, and much much more. Kajou became the First Takusama. Years later, Kajou would encounter Yuujimaru and they would fight for the right of Takusama. Even though Kajou has already won it.

Yuujimaru's Assualt: Edit

When Yuujimaru assulated the village in 705AD. Not wanting to take any lives: Kajou soon fought Yuujimaru and what took place during the battle is unknown, but it could be assumed that Yuujimaru reicived his left eye being scared from Kajou. Kajou also took significant damage: His arm being broken in three places, his chest being scared and have a scare straight across from his right temple to the buttom left side of his jaw line. The victor was neither Kajou nor Yuujimaru. But Dekata claimed it was his brother and that he Killed Yuujimaru.

Furui Kokuzoku: Edit

One of the biggest threats was and still is the Furui Kokuzoku. Early members were looking to recurit new members. But Dekata attempted to stop them. He killed one Early Member and injurded another. It wasn't until Mitsugi came and aided him. Sadly, Dekata was badlt injurded by an unnamed technique and since his brother has already died. Mitsugi would have to help an pitch in. Mitsugi also was known to have used his own abilities to not only kill the members but to deform there bodies from reconistion. This mad Akuma very angry. Seeing how those were the only two members that wern't inconpatsipated or dead, he decided to halt his efforts until the birth of his son. He knew his son would not fail him.