(Born: Ryux Kasno)


34 - 37 (Presumed)


Tracking his Enemies and killing them


c. 766AD - c. 763AD




95.5kg - 136.4kg (210 - 300)


Earth(Manily his jagged fangs and claws)

History: Edit

Wolfbane(Born: Ryux Kasno) was born c. 766AD c. 763AD. He was born with wolf features: his nails were sharp and as he got older, he got more dangerous to society. Around four or five murders a day, most of them is the people that hired him to kill thier enemies. Then one night, he was shot by a silver bullet and lost all memories of what he was to do or who he was. Even his name.

Joining Furui Kokuzoku: Edit

After that little ordeal: Akuma showed himself and confessed to dhooting the silver bullet that nearly killed him and wiped his memories clean. Then he (Akuma) asked he would like to join a group known as the Furui Kokuzoku, not having much of a brain, he said yes. Akuma gave him only a black trench goat with the symbol of Samatsu of it. Akuma changed his changed to Wolfbane.

Betaryal Arc(Season 1): Edit

Wolfbane made his cameo when an Unnamed Member of the Furui was killed by a dagger. Taka went to fetch the murderous mutt. Its unknown what Taka did to get Wolfbane to come out of his cage due to the dialong turning over to the Ryun. Taka came back with the dog and he[Wolfbane] asked: "Food what're we doing that was important?" Akuma or Food replies: "A Traitor." Akuma handed him the dagger and Wolfbane's smelt the dagger and scented out the tratior, who was just outside the front gates. Wolfbane ran as fast as lightning towards the front gates. Iris Komoni or Kirimo had stopped and looked around for an exit. But was caught by Wolfbane and fought the best she could. But was nearly killed when her commard had came and saved her life by throwing a short knife at Wolf's left cheek. Than Iris kneed WOlf in the stomach and disappeared.